A Spring Flower Guide

At this time of year the first tentative signs of spring are present at Alde Garden.  After a long winter of dismantling, maintenance, pruning and building during the darker days; Spring is very welcome!  The first splashes of colour are just starting to appear around the garden and it’s magical.


We employ a very natural approach to our landscaping, meaning that while we keep things looking tidy; the plants and wildlife are allowed to do their thing.  At this time of year seeing what plants are popping up where is a surprise and a joy so I thought I’d take you on a guided walk around Alde Garden in the Springtime.


Daffodils are the ultimate Spring flower.  After spending the winter months storing energy in their bulbs underground; in Spring Daffodils spring up and produce bright yellow flowers. Aside from the muted colours of the snowdrops Daffodils are usually the first burst of colour in the garden.  Here they grow all over the site and can be found in hedges and in the shade of the trees.


Here at Alde Garden we have lots of varieties of the Primrose family growing in Spring.  From the pale yellow cowslips to the bright, multi-coloured primulas and polyanthus.  For the amount that these little plants brighten up the garden they’re incredibly low maintenance and easy to grow.  They prefer a shady spot and will trhive in all types of soil.

Snowdrops and Bluebells

Snowdrops really are the first sign that Spring is on its way! In Alde Garden there are small, concentrated little sprouts of snowdrops from early spring.  They are then replaced a later on with beutiful bluebells.  For real carpets of bluebells there are some wonderful woods near to the campsite with bluebell walks which we encourage all guests to visit if they’re here at the right time.


My favourite thing about the garden at this time of year is the blossom on the trees.  There are so many different shades of white and pink fluttering down from the trees above.  The best trees in the garden for blossom are the apple, cherry and soft fruit trees and bushes.