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AVAILABLE: not yet available;  SLEEPS: up to 4;  'c' on garden map

Currently under construction is the newest form of accommodation here in the garden - a cob roundhouse.

This very exciting new accommodation is built with a timber frame made from sweet chestnut in the round (ie not planed or squared off) and with a reciprocal roof. The roof has various layers including lots of insulation and finished with a green roof consisting of sedum (a succulent) and moss. The 50cm thick walls on the North side of the house are infilled with straw bales, and the rest of the walls are made from cob (clay and sand) and cordwood (logs laid on their sides with the log ends visible on both sides of the walls) and with a cavity insulation layer of sawdust. Amongst the cordwood is some light tunnels made from glass bottles and jars, and the South side of the house is plenty of glass to allow the winter sun to warm the inside of the house. A good overhang not only protects the walls from weather, but also shields the windows from the heat of the summer sun. Usually when roundhouses are built with reciprocal roofs, a large perspex dome is used in the middle of the roof to cover the central hole. We wanted something a bit different - and we were worried about that central dome allowing too much heat into the house in the summer - so instead we built a cupola. This consists of a circular window made from two layers of perspex, with another reciprocal roof on top. The result is a beautiful centrepiece as well as a practical solution.

This new structure will sleep up to 4 adults, be fully self-contained and we hope it will become available sometime during 2020 - but we're not setting a date because we want to enjoy the building process!


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