Why Camping is the perfect form of escapism

Alde Garden: The perfect antidote to busy lives. 


It’s been our tagline for many years and not just something we think is true, but something we think is important.


No matter what your day to day looks like taking a break is great for your wellbeing.  Just recently everyone’s lives have become more hectic and stressful so it’s never been more important to exercise a bit of self-care.

Even if lockdown forced a break from a busy work-schedule, there’s no doubt the mental load we’re all carrying right now is HEAVY!  Whether you’re worrying about how Covid-19 is affecting your immediate circle, the wider world or just suffering from news-fatigue, it’s important to find time for positivity & relaxation.  This is vital to prevent mental & physical burn-out.

Self-care is key

Camping is a great way to take a break from the pressures of the world & recharge your batteries. Time in nature is proven to reduce stress & anxiety and improve your mood. Unlike traditional campsites Alde Garden is full of trees, plants & wildlife. We spent time & effort creating cosy spaces for privacy & quiet, mindful moments.  You don’t even have to leave your tent for that calming ‘back to nature’ feeling. Nature sounds, green views & a slower pace of life will have you returning home feeling much less burdened & positively energised.  Ready for whatever life throws at you. 

Customised camping

At Alde Garden there are so many options for what type of holiday you can experience.  If you want to go fully off-grid; cooking by campfire, pitching your own tent, using the jungle shower & composting toilet and enjoying a complete screen-detox; you absolutely can!  If, however you prefer a little luxury; a proper bed, phone charging points, dinner in a restaurant & a proper bathroom; we’ve got you covered too!  Check out our accommodation & facilities options to plan your perfect relaxation trip.

Guest Reviews

Even in times of universal worry & social distancing a camping trip is the perfect antidote.  Some of our most recent guest share their experience:


“I felt safe & thought you had done a great job making the site Covid-secure and the added features were practical and well applied.  Certainly I don’t think I’m alone in having had more anxiety than usual over the past few months and Alde Garden was an anxiety-free zone.”


“I thought all you had done to accommodate the current situation absolutely perfect, without in any way hindering the Alde Garden experience.  The ‘cooky nooks’ are an inspired idea. SO nice to be a bit more self-contained (if desired.)  I felt ours was absolutely perfect.  There’s plenty of space to stow away supplied, crockery etc.  It was a dreamy weekend as ever.”


This year we have extended the camping season until November to give you lots of time for unwinding.  Head to our booking page to check availability.