the fireplace

If you look closely you may notice something rather odd about the fire place at Alde Garden. The benches around the fire could seem a little out of place- being just old sleepers resting on breezeblocks- until you know the story behind them.
When we bought this place 10 years ago, the garden (then a detelict beer garden) was overgrown & full of rubbish. Our first job was to clear all the overgrown brambles & conifers- friends joined us for weekend work parties to do this. Weekend evenings were spent burning all the greenery we didn’t have a use for. Benches were made from rubbish we found in the garden & guess what? Yep- the benches in place today are the very same ones which we shared with our friends all those years ago. Many memorable magic nights were had there, and that is why this particular part of the garden has such an enchanting feel.
Big thanks to Ray Staff for this wonderful starry photo, and to our amazing friends- the beautiful stars you can’t see in this photo