tent pitches

AVAILABLE: May to end September;  ‘A1’, ‘A2’, ‘A3’, ‘A4’ & ‘PO’ on garden map
OUR SITE IS TINY! We only have 5 small tent pitches.

We have 4 small pitches under the apple trees (which can also be booked as two double pitches), plus one other small pitch next to the pond.

It is YOUR responsibility to check that your tent fits the space you are booking. If your tent turns out to be too big for the pitch, you won’t be able to put it up – so please check this now rather than later.

Pitch sizes:

Pitch Name maximum tent size
Apple 1 4m x 3m
Apple 2 4m x 3m
Apple 1 & 2 (double) 6m x 4m OR 5m bell tent
Apple 3 3m x 3m
Apple 4 3m x 3m
Apple 3 & 4 (double) 6m x 3m
Pond 3m x 3m (TINY TENTS ONLY!)

Pitch sizes above are the maximum size tent for each pitch.
Pitches are surrounded by pathways/trees so there’s no room
for expansion – please don’t waste our time (and yours!)
booking a pitch too small for your tent.


1 £15 £21
2 £28 £40
3 £40 £59
4 £50 £74
5 £61 £90
6 £69 £102
7 £77 £115
7+ please enquire please enquire
Have you got a choice of tents? Bring the smallest one – we have communal spaces, a kitchen, a fire place etc. so you can travel light & compact!


For more information about the garden, it’s atmosphere and communal spaces as well as FAQs click here.


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